Lego’s new white noise playlist

A new white noise playlist from Lego has released on 1st February featuring Lego bricks. The LEGO Group released LEGO® White Noise, another playlist intended to help the audience discover a moment of relaxation in their busy lives.

Well, its surprisingly relaxing. It somehow connected to a long time ago’s memories. The playlist is made out of a progression of sound tracks made using nothing but the iconic sounds that LEGO brick build, sounds that generation recognition has done all over the world.

Every LEGO element creates a unique noise, which is the reason designers tried different things with more than 10,000 as they continued looking for the ideal perfect soothing sounds. The final outcome is a soundscape that consists of tracks, for example, ‘The Waterfall’ made by pouring a large number of LEGO bricks on top of each other and ‘It All Clicks’, which perfectly catches the glad sound of two LEGO components joining together and features bricks being snapped together, making a popcorn musicality of fulfilling clicks in your ears.

With each track about 30 minutes long, the playlist includes seven different tracks. A few sounds like you’re sitting close to someone shuffling through a pile of bricks while dealing with a build. “Searching for the One (Brick)” is also my favorite because it captures the sensation of burrowing through a pile of bricks and at last searching that one piece you were looking for.

The LEGO White Noise playlist has been launched to go with the vivid LEGO Botanical Collection building experience, continuing exploration that found that just about quarters (73%) of adults are on the chase for better approaches to destress.  

Different tracks use Lego bricks to build some truly cool soundscapes. One, “Wild as the Wind,” uses Lego bricks to imitate the sound of trees stirring in the breeze convincingly.

The playlist is available on more than 15 streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify.

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Lego’s new white noise playlist
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