Plex launches game subscription service

Plex is now adding “video games” that you can stream. Plex is already known as a service for streaming music, movies, and TV shows from your PC. It has announced a new service named Plex Arcade as well a website has also designed for the new service. If you’re a Plex Pass subscriber, it’ll cost $3 per month; otherwise, it’ll cost $5 a month.

Rather than focusing on the current console or smartphone games, such as its competitors, Plex allows you to play Atari games. It’s paying attention to the arcade name, as from Atari, you can play arcade classics, similar to Super Breakout, Missile Command, and Centipede, and games from the Atari 7800 and 2600. In general, there are 27 games available on the service.

Plex Arcade has a few requirements, dissimilar to other game subscription services where you can just join from your console and begin playing. The first requirement is a Plex media server should be running on either Windows or macOS computer. However, there isn’t any Linux support as Plex uses Parsec so that you can stream the gameplay. Plex says that users can play with any Bluetooth-enabled controller.

It simply means that in case you don’t already have one, you’ll require signing up for a Parsec account, then sign in to it on Plex. It’s great to know that the service additionally supports you adds your own ROMs and emulators, however, it’s overall somewhat of an intense sell.

There is somewhat more opportunity with regards to what you can stream the games to, as Android TVs and devices are supported, as well as Apple’s iOS and tvOS and Google Chrome.

Indeed, you’re paying a great deal for games even at the Plex Pass cost of $3 each month, that, now, can fundamentally run on a microwave. Fairly, it allows you to run them on something like an Apple TV or iPhone; however, the games are promptly available on PC and Android. There’s a free seven-day trial, in case you need to give it a shot for yourself; however, its necessary to enter a link to your PayPal or in a credit card.

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