Telegram update features auto-delete option

Similar to Signal, Telegram also gets an explosion of users after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy came, and now the company is adopting features that its competitors’ apps already consist of more security and privacy.     

Though in the encrypted Secret Chats, Telegram already has an auto-deleting messages option, the new update for Android and iOS includes the option to disappear messages in any kind of conversation chat.

Inside of chats, you can enable the auto-delete option and set it to disappears or delete your messages either after 24 hours or even days after you send messages. However, Auto-delete won’t erase each message – in case you sent a message before you turned on the feature, it’ll stick around.

Competitors of Telegram have had similar features, such as Signal already had disappearing messages since around 2016, and in 2020, WhatsApp also introduced a feature.

In addition to this update, Telegram is making changes to groups allowing for informative audio, immediate experiences, which gotten popularity at Clubhouse. Latest “Broadcast Groups” lets you add an unlimited number of members with restricted posts to groups admins if they broadcast.

On the other hand, Voice chats are available for everyone in a broadcast group, and the feature should be ideal for large communities, according to Telegram, where users can track along and catch news, exclusive interviews, or just casual talks.

To assist in keeping these groups exclusive or developing them quickly, Telegram is including in expiring invite links that you can set to expire once a limited number of uses is done, or after a certain amount of time, or both. Group admins with the new invites will have the option to better moderate who joins and keep hidden topic somewhat more private.

Telegram has all message technically encrypted, but Secret Chats are exclusively viewable on only participants’ devices.

Numerous users started avoiding WhatsApp for Telegram regarding worry that Facebook would take their data or read their messages. Even after Telegram has come with new privacy options, it still doesn’t globally provide a feature, so many users expect end-to-end encryption. Extending privacy and security features such as auto-delete seems appears to a great way for Telegram to short out these worries’ users felt with WhatsApp.