Troubleshooting HP OfficeJet 7510 ‘Ink Not Printing’ issue

If your HP OfficeJet 7510 model is working, but the ink print output is not displaying on the paper or ink seems faded, it may be a major issue for regular Hp printer users.

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If the ink level is low in standard HP printers, it won’t affect your printer’s print quality. You either receive a message or it stops working. However, if you replace any low ink cartridges when the backmode is not working, then it could be a good option.   

Make sure the HP ink or toner supplies on your OfficeJet 7510 are genuine. In case of no ink printing or low colored ink printing; you can solve the issue with these steps;

Step 1 – Check the ink levels.

If you don’t see black ink printing, then the black ink might be low without using backup mode. Then, you should see estimated ink levels. A message will appear like the cartridge is empty, so you’ve to replace it. Ink must be in each cartridge to work on printhead servicing tasks.     

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  • Go to the printer control panel
  • Touch ink level indicator.
  • You can see estimated ink levels on control panels.

Step 2 – Replace a low or empty ink cartridge.

If you see the ink levels are unhealthy, then ink cartridges replacement is essential to print. For it, you can follow these instructions;

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  • Turn on your Hp OfficeJet printer model.
  • Open the ink cartridge door.
  • Push and pull the ink cartridge to release and remove from the slot.
  • Hold the ink cartridge inward the printer. 
  • Slide the cartridge into the slot to replace it and lock it into place.
  • For other ink cartridge replacements, repeat these steps on the next slots.    
  • Close the cartridge access door and try printing now.

Step 3 – If step 2 doesn’t troubleshoot the issue, clean the printhead.

Print quality may get affected because of the clogged printhead. In this case, you require cleaning it many times. The easiest way to clean printhead is to use an automated tool. Go through the below steps to start the process –

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  • Open the input tray on your HP OfficeJet 7510 and load some paper.
  • Wipe left in the control panel and tap Setup.
  • Scroll up the display list, select Printer Maintenance, and touch on Clean Printhead.
  • Touch Done if print quality acceptable or touch Proceed if the print quality is unsupportable and continue next cleaning.  

Step 4 – Service OfficeJet 7510 printer if nothing helped.

I think your issue should be resolved with the above steps. However, if you still don’t see any improvement and are stuck in the same situation, you definitely should give your printer service.

Your serviced HP OfficeJet should print perfectly with colored and black ink now.

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Troubleshooting HP OfficeJet 7510 ‘Ink Not Printing’ issue
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